Santa Fe Farmers Market still running strong

- August 29, 2011

"The Santa Fe Farmers Market has only improved over recent years..."

The Santa Fe Farmers Market has only improved over recent years, thanks largely to the relatively new facilities down at The Railyard. If you’re looking for “organic” produce or meat, this is the place to go. In addition, you’re supporting local growers and producers.

I love all the color, and as a cook, I love getting the freshest produce possible. This morning I hopped on the motorcycle and took a cruise down to the market to see what was coming in. The tomatoes looked great, as did the sweet onions. But I was on the look-out for sweet corn, the enjoyment of which takes on an almost religious aspect for those of us from “back East.” Summer is not complete without fresh sweet corn, boiled or grilled and served with sweet butter, and for me anyway, a little bit of salt.

I also bought some fresh cheese, a mixture of goat and sheep milk, and it was lovely. Nice guy who sold it to me too. Not surprisingly, that fromage didn’t last long. I shared it with my brother and sister-in-law and it was gone within hours of purchase. To go with, I bought a fresh foccaccia with green chilies on it----also gone in short order. Also shared the corn, and it got rave reviews from all of us.

Another reason I never tire of this market is because of the street musicians. You can run into the same faces from time to time, but there is enough musical talent walking around this town to keep the performances fresh and lively. And today was no exception as you’ll see in my videos below.

Bon Appetit and don’t forget, as far as the Farmer’s Market is concerned, the best is yet to come---squash of every shape, color and variety will soon be in the offing.

Cheers and happy trails to You From Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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