Santa Fe Opera Ride

- June 6, 2011

I took one look at them and thought, “Oh God...what have I gotten myself into?”

I arrived at my brother’s house in the north end of town around 9:10 A.M. There I met two of his riding pals from Las Vegas, NV, by the names of Dave and Vince. Frankly...I took one look at them and thought, “Oh God...what have I gotten myself into?” They look like the kind of guys who’d ride the Col du Galibier (sometimes part of the Tour de France) with one hand tied behind their backs. But my pride wouldn’t let me back out. Besides, my brother would never let me live it down. Just the same, the thought did cross my mind. Briefly. I had visions of staying behind and “coffee-klatching” with my sister-in-law. It’s funny how the mind can wander off into little abbreviated (life-saving) fantasies like that. Our skiing-partner-in-powder, Robert also joined the group. The hills don’t phase Robert in the least, so I’m sure I was the only one taking a mental holiday concerning the theme of ESCAPE!

The first phase of any trip which departs from my brother’s house, is to get down the driveway! First of all, when I first saw this “driveway”, I thought it was a road; and secondly, just walking up it makes me tired; and thirdly, just thinking about riding UP it on a bike is mildly nauseating---as is the actual experience. After having dealt with the “driveway” (downhill to start) we wound our way down Bishop’s Lodge Road into the town of Tesuque and past a wonderful market and restaurant there that I so enjoy. It’s a real “event” to go to The Tesuque Market; and you’ll see some pictures below which support my fascination with the place.

Since Dave and Vince are from out of town we decided to make some stops along the way to show them some of the highlights of Santa Fe, which also happened to be on our route. We made a brief stop at “Shidoni”, a wonderful art park and foundry, and then a stop at The Santa Fe Opera. It is beautifully situated with a lovely view of mountains all around. It is only open in the summer, but to attend a performance there is a treat---literally and figuratively. People like to “tailgate” picnic in the parking lot---except this clientele brings tables, crisp white linen, wine, ice, paté, quiche, terrines of various forms and flavors, fine china, fine silver and flowers for the table. I’ll be doing that this August when a group of my neighbors will attend a performance of “Faust”. I’m doing the cooking and the menu has already been worked out: Smoked salmon and shrimp terrine, fresh salad and a tomato and anchovy quiche. The others are taking care of the wine and dessert, which, as I’m told, will be fresh fruit---probably with Cointreau, or something similarly alcoholic, generously poured over it. Just a guess that. But I do know my customers.

Once again, for the techno-geeks: Average speed for me: 13.8 (not great) Top speed: 42.6 (don’t know how that happened, but I do like to zoom.) Miles: 42.8. A perfect sunny day.