Santa Fe Restaurant Week: Coyote Cafe and a Poem

- March 5, 2012

It takes courage to walk into the Coyote Cafe with a small budget and no reservation. Go early. Plan ahead, make the reservation. I ate for $15, even on Santa Fe Restaurant Week. Coyote Cafe takes service very seriously.

The restaurant was not overly busy, however people kept arriving. Service was fast. I ordered the Sweet ginger goat cheese spring roll salad appetizer.  Although the serving looked small it was very filling. Totally delicious with a wide range of flavor and textures. The 2 bread baskets helped too. Here is the menu.

The coyote howls

fire warms the soul

whole wheat roll torn

hearty  chewy

brings earth energy groundedness

to light.

goat cheese spring rolls

stand at attention

beside the tiny salad

something so small yet wonderfully rich

twilight darkens

storefront windows glow

fireplace warmth welcomed

cornbread light, sweet

add butter

enchanting tales whisper

then suddenly vanish

they play quiet blues

red pink flowered headband

rests on bunco

children trying so hard

to be quiet and obedient.

The Coyote howls

it knows the power

and satisfaction

of oh so fine food.