Santa Fe Restaurant Week: Osteria D’Assisi in Poetry

- March 7, 2012

The wind had settled down for the night. The dark sky filled with stars. I thought I heard a trumpet playing. The streets were empty. 

Soup. I had thought I would order pasta, but the prices were just a tad high for this evening. By the way they now offer gluten free pasta. Imagine a rose petal truffle soup.  They also had a vegetarian minestrone. You may already know the ambiance, the wonderful Italian service, and the intimate dining options. Great for a festive party or celebration and equally suited for a quiet serious discussion in the leisure of good food and wine.

The restaurant seemed mostly occupied by older local couples and intergenerational families. Many were in rather serious conversations.

The bowl of truffle soup was big, considerably bigger than my previous big bowl of soup! "Do you want some pepper?" "Yes." "Parmesan?" "Yes". Italian soft music in the background. The bread basket already had arrived. The rose petal truffle soup is included in the restaurant week special, and I was glad to be able to order it. Someone sounding like Dean Martin was crooning in the background.


filled with blended delicacy

soup enough for a meal

rich, robust, thick but not heavy

loud chatter from the kitchen

square vegas on the ceiling

someone's pink flowers rested

on adjacent table.


somewhere over the rainbow

where crystal still shines

before the candle burns out


red dark wine

tipped into thirsty lips

while waiting for dessert

the couple seemed tense

the wine provided a momentary diversion.


did couples come to decipher


years have passed by

moods vary

tones fall flat

we have been here before,

and will dine here again.

Must be like home for some. They seem like family. Elegance and family bundled with some of Santa Fe's favorite Italian food.  Great time to go visit, check the menu.