Sarasota Spring Break

- March 20, 2012

"Sarasota was a surprising and sophisticated little gem"

Now I get it.

Ok, now I really do get “it.” A week or so ago, I was in Sarasota, Florida to visit my cousin and her husband, and to celebrate my son’s birthday. He’d always wanted to see their little tropical paradise which they flee to every January, escaping the Washington D.C. dreariness.

What I “get” is this: NOW I can see why people like to go to tropical places for their holidays and vacations. I’ve always been one of these hard core, northeastern types. Bah, humbug. I like the winter. I’m made for the winter. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a tropical place like Florida. Just not my style.

I’ve changed my mind. It was nothing short of glorious. I had no idea that breezes could be so refreshing and the smell of salt air so invigorating. I loved it.

Sarasota was a surprising and sophisticated little gem. There is a very lively music and theater life there, and the the downtown area is just big enough, with a wonderful performing arts center.

Food was great everywhere, and the best treat for me, aside from being with my family, was to visit a beach known as Siesta Key Beach. You’ve never seen anything like it. First of all, it’s enormous. Secondly, the sand is bright white. It’s other-worldy-bright-white. And when you take your shoes off to walk in it, you’ll discover that it has the consistency of flour, or confectionary sugar. No joke. It was one of the more pleasant experiences my feet have ever known. And the light...the way it softly illuminates water and sky is not to be described. That’s why I’ve decided to let the photos speak for themselves.

Sarasota: “I’ll be back. This time to do some kayaking.”

Happy Trails to You
From Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment

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