Script & Screen - July 12, 2011

"Now if someone can just help me with a great blog name, I’ll be exceedingly grateful."

Movie Man

The Perfect Screen

Script & Screen

Scriptman (see I was bitten by a radioactive screenplay and was able to…well you can take it from there)

Script Sense

Talking Script

Script Loose

Script Town (Forget it Rick, it’s Script Town.)

I like Script & Screen though it’s not really dynamic.  It says what I really want to talk about.  I want to blog about the relationship of screen and tele plays to what ultimately appears on the big and little screen.  I want to talk with writers about their work, with actors about what they look for in the screenplay, and with directors and producers about how they evaluate a screenplay and what they do with it in the movie making process.

I want to cover a little of everything dealing with film and TV in New Mexico—especially if it’s in or near Santa Fe.  I want to interview folks about what they are “producing”—whether it’s screenplays, acting, directing, working crew, etc.

I also want to talk about the great American connector that is television.  Why did we all tune in to see what happened to Hawkeye and B.J. or Ross and Rachel or Leonard and Penny as if they were/are our friends and it affects our lives?  Why did we ignore the superb humor of The Adventures of Briscoe County Junior and the brilliant writing and characters of Veronica Mars?

I want to feature events such as conferences, film fests, classes, workshops, and lectures and, on occasion, books on scripts and screen.  Finally, I want to write something that reflects the notion that film and TV—as much as we like to think that they are just movies or shows—are important to us as persons, people, and culture.  I want this blog to be something that one looks forward to reading to agree, disagree, learn, debate, and forward to friends.

Now if someone can just help me with a great blog name, I’ll be exceedingly grateful.