See You at the Movies

- August 1, 2011

Where to find out what's playing around town

CCA Cinematheque
1050 Old Pecos Trail
(north of the Children's Museum)
showtimes 505-982-1338

Longtime cinema stalwart, the Center for Contemporary Arts, is the town's oldest art-house venue. Newly remodeled, and now with a second, more intimate theater. Generally has several films showing in rotation.

The Lensic
225 W. San Francisco St.
(1/2 block east of Sandoval St.)
box office 505-988-1234

Moorish Gothic cathedral of the cinema has occasional special-event film presentations, often low-priced and family-oriented. Good big screen, fine audio, and especially worth it if the balcony is open. Home of the Met Opera Live in HD.

Jean Cocteau Cinema
418 Montezuma Ave.
(adjacent to Sanbusco)
showtimes: 505-466-5528

Downtown’s left-of-center boutique cinema has re-opened under the aegis of author/landlord George R.R. Martin and manager Jon Bowman. First-run features, cult titles, midnight movies alternate. Bigger screen, better sound, new seats, fabulous eats.

Regal DeVargas 6
562 N. Guadalupe St.
(on the east side of DeVargas Center)
showtimes 505-988-2775
box office 505-988-1110
advance tickets:

Northsiders' only moviehouse is in a mall, but tries for that art-house vibe with indie, offbeat, foreign bookings. Only the two large theaters have stereo; the tiny four remaining are mono.

Dreamcatcher 10
15 State Road 106
(in Española at U.S. highway 285)
showtimes: 505-753-0087

Stadium theater in miniature, with digital sound and 3-D, recently expanded from six screens to 10. The best choice for Santa Fe northsiders until the Regal DeVargas refurbishes or a Railyard cinema comes to pass (don't hold your breath for either).

Regal Stadium 14
3474 Zafarano Drive
(in San Isidro Plaza)
showtimes 505-424-6296
box office 505-424-0798
advance tickets:

Megaplex is closest to state-of-the-art in Santa Fe, with six digital and/or 3-D screens, and booming stereo in all  auditoriums. In busy seasons, they may show as few as six titles on multiple screens in various formats. Tiered rocker seating. Newly expanded concessions. Fandango kiosk in lobby.

The Screen
Santa Fe University of Art & Design
1600 St. Michael's Drive
(in the same building as Garson Studios)
showtimes 505-473-6494

Giant single screen, superb sound system, with dependably left-of-center programming. Big-city approach presents several films every day at changeable, accessible times. No popcorn; tasty snacks, however.

Reel Deal
2551 Central Ave.
(in Los Alamos near the police station and the library)
showtimes: 505-662-0617
box office: 505-662-1580  

Downtown triplex serving The Hill's Lab Rats and atomillionaires since 2003. A real ma-and-pa operation, but meant for the 21st century, with all the expected digital accoutrements.