Crossing Into the Digital Divide

James Glover - January 16, 2013

Action Wednesday/Process

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy, for Once a Day Marketing™. Today is Action Wednesday and I want you to start thinking about using more digital tools and channels for marketing and branding this year.

To demonstrate the powerful customer experience you can create related to digital technologies, I would like to share an example. Listening to ESPN Sports Radio in my car, I was intrigued with a story. When I arrived home I dashed to my computer and was able to find that same broadcast streaming online so I could listen to the end of the discussion. This caused me to consider how important it is to be committed to digital technologies and tools to embrace our customers and share our brand.

With all the digital tools and channels available there is absolutely no reason not to be fully engaged in the digital world. Which tools are you using? Look first at a website. Are you sharing the right information with your customers? Are you considering online retail? Are you able to sell products via the Internet?

Are you leveraging the social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter? They are absolute musts for sharing information about your brand. Also consider applications such as Constant Contact to share e-newsletters with your customers who choose to opt-in to your content.

Next is Skype; it provides the ability to have a face-to-face conversation through your laptop computer or mobile device using the internet. Another tool is instant messaging; you can allow customers to instant message to ask questions and enhance the experience with your brand or product.

Videos, podcasts and blogs are additional digital tools that share your marketing message inexpensively through the Internet.

Lastly, webinars are another means to engage audiences all over the world and share with them your branding message. That's the power of the digital divide and what you should consider making more of a commitment to this year.

Your task for Action Wednesday is to look at what you're doing in the digital environment. Enhance your existing digital tools and channels and seek out new ones. Continue to embrace these technologies because I know your competition surely is. That way you can promote your brand, develop relationships and have a better 2013.

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