Sentimental clutter and H. Esperance - July 6, 2011

Can anyone tell me anything about an artist named H. Esperance?

Preparing for my move to Santa Fe at the end of September, I’ve been going through stuff that I inherited from my parents. My mom was raised in Italy, so many of the items are European antiques. Most of them I’m keeping and will take with me. Some of the things that I’m less attached to I’ve tried to pass onto my kids as family keepsakes.

It didn’t take.

“Mom, to you they are family treasures,” said my daughter. “To me, they are sentimental clutter.”

So with the “clutter” in my trunk, I headed to my favorite antique dealer Lucky Jack on Antique Row on South Broadway in Denver—the Canyon Road of antiques.

He liked my stuff and made an offer. As we were negotiating, a beautiful oil painting of a young Native American or Mexican lad caught my eye. It was leaning against a table, and his eyes were looking sideways right at me. “This,” I said out loud, “would look great in my new Santa Fe home!”

So Lucky knocked off a bit from what he was buying from me, and I brought home a captivating image of a sweet young boy with wide eyes—a little apprehensive, a little frightened, perhaps. I’ll have to study it more to decide.

If I could find the artist, I will have my answer. So I’m asking the art community of Santa Fe: who and where is H. Esperance?