SFUAD Students Energize Santa Fe: A Student’s Voice

Santafe.com - October 6, 2011

"As campus life continues to expand, the student body grows increasingly eager to become more greatly involved within the community of Santa Fe..."

Want to see your tax dollars at work? Stroll around the campus at the city-owned Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Students are filling the campus with artistic energy bringing life to the campus.

If you are lucky you will catch students practicing lines for upcoming theater productions while sitting on benches outside Greer Garson Theatre or belting out a song as they run between classes. Glimpse a stone mosaic designed from rocks placed around a tree planter outside the library. The student body is growing exponentially each semester and they seek community connections.

I am fortunate to be working with a young woman studying at the university. Katelyn Peer is a junior in the Film and Video Department. She is an intern working with Creative Santa Fe, sharing her creative talent with us and the community.

I am turning my blog over to her so she can let you know how your creative organization or business can connect with these talented young people.

Students Want Community Connections
By Katelyn Peer

The Santa Fe University of Art and Design is now well into its second school year. The university offers many studies such as Graphic Design, Fine Arts, Film, Photography, Creative Writing, Performing Arts and Music.

The student body is growing in numbers as well as diversity. This has allowed for an even more dynamic and expansive educational environment to bloom. With over 500 students enrolled and plans to have 900 enrolled by next fall, more new artists are being educated every semester. John Rodriguez, director of Residential Life and International Student Experiences, stated, “I have been working with this school for six years now, and it is more diverse than ever.”

By signing on with Laureate Network, SFUAD is now connected to 58 universities in 27 countries. Some students study abroad for one semester, others for two or three. In fact, it is estimated that by fall 2012, Laureate will integrate a new four-year program where students can study internationally for their full undergraduate education. With the university now being a member of the Laureate Network, students from all over the world can study cross-culturally in a global environment.

As the university continues to grow, it is important that students and community members begin to reach out to each other and make the connections necessary for our worlds to become better integrated.

So how should a community member of Santa Fe reach out to the SFUAD student body?

Students, staff, and faculty connected with local non-profit organizations at the first annual CommUNITY Focus Day this fall. The school is planning to continue such programs throughout the year.

Starting this month, there will be a Volunteer Board where local organizations, artists in need of interns and those in need of volunteers, can post opportunities for students to participate.

The Volunteer Board can be found electronically on facebook or in old-school bulletin board fashion in the Student Union. Rachel Gantt, director of Campus Life and Student Activities, also urges any external musicians, artists or any other professionals working in the creative arts to contact her at rachel.gantt@santafeuniversity.edu and show their work or perform on campus grounds.

In addition, the school has began to work on a calendar of events open to the public that will be up very shortly on the school web site as well as posted around town. There are many events that are intended for the public and the student body.

The Odd Couple, this year’s first play, will premiere on October 7 at Greer Garson Theatre.

On October 8, a band from the Contemporary Music Program will be performing live at the Cowgirl from 9 p.m. to midnight. The band, The Sticky, is made up of students, professors and external musicians.

The students of SFUAD are always looking for internship opportunities, field experience and mentors. For example, some of our students intern on set for films at Garson Studios, others at the Georgia O’ Keefe Museum, educational non-profits for the arts and galleries around town. Professors are eager to get their classes out into art institutions in town, seeing work and experiencing the professional world of art. Curriculum often includes classes touring galleries and meeting art professionals.

As campus life continues to expand, the student body grows increasingly eager to become more greatly involved within the community of Santa Fe. The more interaction these two worlds can have, the more unity our city can experience, and the more collaboration as artists and active minds we can create and bring into physical manifestation. And that’s the whole point, right?!

Taking back my blog for a moment – it is the whole point. Thank you, Katelyn!