¡Sí Señor! ¡Cómo No! – Lyrics to the Santa Fe Fiesta Song

Todd Eric Lovato - September 2, 2015

Words and chords and a recording to sing along with. . .click through now!

It's late August in Santa Fe, which means it's time to start making preparations for Fiesta de Santa Fe (Santa Fe Fiestas, in English). For me, this means dry cleaning the Thunderbird volcano margarita (RIP) stains from my ribbon shirt, rehearsing my most noble grito and trying to remember the lyrics to the Santa Fe Fiestas song.

Sound journalistic principle dictates that this sentence should start describing the history of the song: who wrote it (Johnny Valdez, Jr.) and composed it (Billy Palau), when (1920s) and why (because fiestas). 

Below are the lyrics. Commit them to memory. Practice by regaling your co-workers with song at random times throughout your work day. I play this on my banjo, which means it's easiest to play in the key of G, so I've included these basic chords, but also try it on a keytar.

With this arrow in your party-bro quiver, no street, saloon or after-party between the dates of Sept. 11-13 need be without a cacophony of singing and yelling. You're welcome.

Verse 1:

Santa Fe, tus fiestas de septiembre
Se celebran en la capital

Con Zozobra quemando las penas
Ya la fiesta va a comenzar

Verse 2:

Tus mujeres llenas de alegría
Pregonando van su nuevo amor

A luz de grandes luminarias
Van cantando con placer esta canción


G                                                        D
Sí Señor, cómo no, vamonos al vacilón
A bailar y gozar de esta linda población

Video live streaming of the Fiestas de Santa Fe Mariachis and the Fiestas de Santa Fe Council on the Richard Eeds Show Sep. 2 brought to you by our friends at Burrito Spot

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