SIFF Movie Highlights: ‘White Knight’ - October 16, 2011

"'White Knight' is the tale of a disgraced, incarcerated Texas Klu Klux Klan Grand-Dragon Leroy Lowe..."

In the days leading to the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Oct. 19-23), festival co-founder and guest blogger David Moore offers observation and insight into some of his favorite films.

"White Knight" is the tale of a disgraced, incarcerated Texas Klu Klux Klan Grand-Dragon Leroy Lowe played by Tom Sizemore, (Blackhawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, Heat) who is forced to spend his time outside his cell listening to the potato-obsessed ramblings of an ever-oppressive warden played by Stacy Keach, most memorable to me for his performance as the dope-smoking police Sergeant in "Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams."

In order to ensure the proper and complete rehabilitation of his infamous, racist inmate, the warden decides to put a hair-obsessed Mexican migrant worker locked up for striking (Hector Jimenez) in Lowe's 10x10 cell, effectively making Lowe's life a living hell... for awhile.

Directed by Jesse Badget, "White Knight" is a hilarious feature-length period comedy about one man's unintentional movement form one end of the field to another, from racist Klansman to an advocate for every man. Lowe is forced to re-examine his past views, actions and beliefs, causing him to change before he is even aware of it. Watching this metamorphosis take place is heartwarming and really, really funny.

With an all-star cast of veteran actors and excellent production, I'm sure Badget had a blast directing this film and it shows. It is absolutely hilarious without being over the top or insensitive. “White Knight” has heart, soul and a great sense of humor. Definitely, not to be missed.