Silence is Deadly: Neglected Animals In My Neighbor’s Backyard

- April 4, 2012

"If you know of situations in your neighborhood that should be reported, don’t wait..."

Last week we were out riding in the neighborhood when we spotted three horses that were being starved.  The same home seemed to have close to 50 dogs that were in similar mal-nourished condition.

We immediately went home and called Animal Control about the dogs and The Horse Shelter about the horses.  The Horse Shelter’s mission is to respond to situations like this, take horses into their care, revive them and re-home them where and when possible.  The Horse Shelter sprung into action and the horses were picked up that day. 

Within hours of arriving at The Horse Shelter, the smallest little buckskin died.  The second horse remains on an IV in critical condition and no one can say whether it will pull through.  The third horse appears to be in better shape and is slowly recovering.

When the immediate neighbors were asked why they had not taken action, they claimed to have tried several time with no results.  With further conversation, it was clear that they were afraid of their abusive neighbors, so they watched but remained silent.

Silence is never the right answer when animals are being abused or mistreated.  If you know of situations in your neighborhood that should be reported, don’t wait any longer to do the right thing. 

If you would like to know how the two remaining horses are progressing, or are interested in providing them with a good home, please call The Horse Shelter.  Here is contact information:

The Horse Shelter - 505.471.6179    To donate, adopt, or visit their facility south of Santa Fe:

Santa Fe Animal Control – City: 505.955.2700.  County:  505.438.3710