- March 20, 2012

"Sounds like alphabet soup, unless you are familiar with contemporary art in northern New Mexico..."

If you are new to Santa Fe, this might sound like alphabet soup, unless you are familiar with contemporary art in northern New Mexico. So, what’s going on over at SITE (SITE Santa Fe)?

Online exhibition presented as part of Time-Lapse, February 18- May 20, 2012

As we enter the last 10 days of March, I hope that many of you have been keeping up with SITE’s latest show, March 2012 – the online, once-a-day, featured artist project, which is part of Time Lapse.

In 1969, Seth Siegelaub, pioneering supporter of conceptual art, organized March 1969 a.k.a One Month, an exhibition that existed only in catalogue form. Siegelaub invited 31 artists to contribute a work; one for each day of the month. Time-Lapse curators for SITE, Irene Hofmann and Janet Dees, have conceived of a project that is an homage to Siegelaub's ground-breaking "exhibition," updated for today's virtual, technological world. March 2012 is hosted on the homepage of SITE's website. Each day during March one work by a different artist has been featured. The participating artists are an international and intergenerational group currently working with conceptual, time-based and media-oriented practices.

Artists include: Axle Contemporary, Daniel Bejar, Martin John Callanan, Beth Coleman + Howard Goldkrand, Ron Cooper, Matthew Cusick, Faith Denham, Brent Green, Hillerbrand + Magsamen, Jennie C. Jones, Tellervo Kalleinen + Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, susan pui san lok, Conor McGarrigle, Linda Montano, neuro Transmitter, Huong Ngo (in collaboration with George Monteleone and Or Zubalsky), Paul Notzold, Geof Oppenheimer, Ben Patterson, Dawit L. Petros, Adrian Piper, Liliana Porter, Postcommodity, Mark Tribe, Claudia X. Valdes, and Donald Woodman.

Today the artists featured are Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere, showing "NeuroTrasmitter Landscapes & Oscillations, 2003/2012."

Artists featured for the rest of the week are:

March 21: Beth Coleman + Howard Goldkrand, #occupy distributed, 2012

March 22: Ron Cooper, Untitled, 2012 March 23: Oded Hirsch, 50 Blue, 2009

March 24: Susan Pui San Lok, DIY Ballroom, 2007-08

March 25: Martin John Callanan, I Wanted to See All of the News from Today, 2007-present

Visit and click on the March 2012 icon to view a new work each day in March, and to see a schedule of featured artists. A cumulative archive will be on view in SITE's galleries during March and in April and May an archive of all 31 works will be on view.

Also at SITE

Tonight (Tuesday, March 20, 6 p.m.) visitors to SITE have the opportunity to hear CCA’s Jason Silverman present "Georges Méliès: Cinema's First Time Traveler," a lecture about Georges Méliès, “the magician of early cinema.” Silverman, Cinematheque Director at the CCA (center for Contemporary Art) and a former writer for Wired Magazine, shows clips and discusses Méliès' work with Serge Bromberg, a leading authority on early cinema and the man who restored “A Trip to the Moon.” In the announcement for this event SITE asks: “Imagine the moment before cinema began. How did our concept of the universe change when the first audiences saw the first films?”

I’ll be late for the event but this is one I don’t want to miss.


Collect 10 Announcing the 12th Annual Collect 10. This annual event celebrates the diversity of the New Mexico arts community by inviting any and all image makers to create wall works that fit within a 10" cube. Collect encourages audiences to ease the border between established and emerging artists, providing a broad overview of the Santa Fe arts community. This year's Collect 10 features work by renowned artists John Connell, Sarah Bienvenu, Regina Foster, Doug Coffin, Carol Anthony, Munson Hunt, Carol Mothner, Chris Richter, Tom Waddelow, Jon Carver, Lynne Losbaugh, Daren Vigil Gray and Joel Nakamura.

When: Friday, April 6th, 2012 - June 10, 2012

Where: The Spector Ripps Project Space at CCA