SOBs Villanueva Ride

- July 16, 2012

"The scenery is worth every bit of the effort"

Every year, the Santa Fe Seniors On Bikes ( takes this scenic tour in and around Villanueva State Park. To get there from Santa Fe, take the I-25 North to the Villanueva Exit. Turn right after the exit, and keep going until you see the sign for the park. I didn't count the miles, but it's a ways down the road, maybe five to 10 miles.

The scenery is worth every bit of the effort and so is lunch at a fabulous local restaurant called Risa. The main course meals are stunning, both in their size and flavor. The pies, and there are usually four or five to choose from, are among the best I've had anywhere, EVER. Risa is about 2 miles down the road on the way to the park, on the right. You'll have to look out for it though, it's small and very unassuming-looking.

We ended our ride there under perfect blue skies and high spirits. I think there were at least 30 people in attendance. Here's the link Trips&Quips of my photographs of this ride and the one from the week before, in case you're interested in this group, and or, the scenery.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Trails to You
From Villanueva, New Mexico
The Land of Enchantment