Social Media for the Baby Boomer Market

James Glover - September 13, 2013

Digital Friday/Promotion

Today is Digital Friday at Once a Day Marketingand we are discussing where to focus your social media marketing campaigns to reach the Baby Boomer Generation.

The Baby Boomer Generation is generally considered to be adults born between the 1946 and 1964.  They represent a wealthy market with $2.3 trillion in spending power on an annual basis, ten times the spending power of Gen Y.  According to AARP top Baby Boomers social media sites are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Baby Boomer Fast Facts (

-        Population of 80 Million

-        Account for 40% of consumer demand

-        Control 70% of the net worth of American households ($7 trillion)

-        Have more discretionary income than any other age group

-        Many are empty nesters and grandparents

A business that is interested in reaching the Baby Boomer audience should ensure they are providing products at good value along with great customer service.  Adding an E-tailing component to your website as well as distributing your message via social media channels like Facebook and twitter will allow customer to better engage with your brand.

Many Boomers are using e-mail, smart phones and shopping online.  If you plan to target the Baby Boomer market, integrating social media into your campaign will be a great complement to your transitional marketing and increase your overall reach.

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