SOFA: If you can, go now.

- August 7, 2011

Friday night, late. Sofa creates so much news each day. Unfortunately, an electrical storm prevented me from writing last night. Both Saturday and Sunday still will have many events.  These include booth presentations, lectures, and off site events for those with VIP tickets.  Several artists are attending SOFA and can be available for conversations. Plan to either make several visits or spend a few hours.

Throughout the shows you can see wonderful examples of glass art. One of my favorites were pieces that used glass and photographic images. Bulls Eye gallery has several artists exhibited with a great variation of images in glass.

The Jane Sauer held an artist talk and discussion of Irina Zaytceva's process in recent works. Zaytceva. who was born in Russia creates finely detailed painted porcelain objects which take many firings. The compositions allow each viewer to create a story or visit old memories triggered by the images.  After visiting SOFA, a trip to Jane Sauer Gallery will present you many more pieces of Zaytceva's magnificent work.

Lectures will be offered both Saturday and Sunday. Joan B Mivriss and a private Santa Fe collector Lee D. gave a great overview of old Japanese wood block prints. The lecture is over, however if you can catch Ms Joan Mivriss at her booth, you pay get to view a few prints that she brought along with her.

Did you go see the calf? Joe Fafard, a Canadian sculptor, has captured the soulful essence of a very big calf. Also make sure to take some time to view the wall bronzes, especially the wolves. If you are fortunate, you may get to meet the artist.  Look for the Darrell Bell Gallery's booth.

Saturday there will be a lecture on Outsider Art. Ousider Art is a new edition of Santa Fe SOFA. The booths combine folk art as well.  Children may identify with some of the art forms. Explore the rich history and image content.

More news and reports on SOFA soon.