Something for the dudes - August 29, 2011

I know as a bride, we can get all wrapped up in the perfect dress, the perfect pair of heels, the perfect jewelry, the perfect undies, the perfect hairstyle and the perfect lipstick color. Our groom is usually relegated to just match… but he's gotta look fly, right?  Why not let him and his groomsmen show off a little style with his perfect pair of shoes too!  Well, VANS has done it again by creating a casual, but snazzy, California Era Wingtip. I'd say that is comfort and style, all wrapped into one!

Now, since we want them to look dapper from head to toe, let's talk about bow ties.  Some of your beaus may or may not be the bow tie sorts, but this video will have you wholeheartedly agreeing that the bow tie is "no longer for milksops and lily-whites alone!" A must-watch tutorial on how to tie a bow tie.

I just love it!  “Handsome!”

photo from SOLE