Spring Notes: Help Craft New Mexico’s Breakfast Burrito Byway

Gourmet Girl - March 26, 2014

Breakfast Burrito Byway, Gil's food blog, cooking classes & more

Breakfast Burrito Byway

Are you passionate about your favorite breakfast burrito, that wrapped wonder that brings joy to your morning?

Some believe that the first breakfast burritos came from food vendors at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in the early 1970s. Others, like Tia Sophia’s, claim to be the creators of the handheld New Mexico staple as early as 1974. It could be that the breakfast burrito was eaten in New Mexico homes years before anyone gave them a name and began selling them in restaurants.

The New Mexico Tourism Department is creating the Breakfast Burrito Byway based on nominations from the public taken March 31 through April 13. In order to quality, nominated restaurants must offer a breakfast burrito that contains eggs and tortilla on their menu. You can nominate as many restaurants as you'd like. Once all the nominations are in, the public can vote online among them to choose which restaurants will officially become part of the Breakfast Burrito Byway.

Click here for more details.

Cooking Classes

If you're looking to expand your culinary repertoire this spring, you're in luck. A bountiful crop of cooking classes are being offered all month long from Santa Fe's culinary schools. Want to learn the secrets of high altitude baking or working with a pressure cooker? You got it. Wondering what you dishes you can make with dried or powdered red chile? Got that, too. Curious about the palate of artist Georgia O'Keeffe? There's a whole class devoted to what she ate and thought about food.

You can also learn to cook with fresh spring herbs, take a workshop on farmstead goat cheese, focus on northern Indian cuisine and the learn the art of gluten-free baking. Or explore the cuisine of northern New Mexico with classes on enchiladas, rellenos, tacos, salsa and more.

There's almost a class a day when you look at the calendars of the Santa Fe School of Cooking, Las Cosas Cooking School and the Santa Fe Culinary Academy—perfect for any real foodies want to hone their skills in the kitchen. Here are links to their calendars. Happy Cooking!


Gil's Thrilling (and Filling) Food Blog

If you're a serious foodie, you undoubtedly already know about Gil Garduño's food blog, a compendium of culinary reviews and musings that is entertaining and informative. If you don't, you should.

This guy gets around. He's reviewed more than 1,000 restaurants in the past decade and he's been mentioned on Chowhound.com and Roadfood.com and praised by food writers Jane and Michael Stern. His restaurant reviews cover the gamut, from Irish and Swedish to Peruvian, Cuban, Guatemalan, Brazilian and Vietnamese. He visits eateries across the state as well as around the country, and writes detailed evaluations of every meal.

“Follow the Culinary Ruminations of New Mexico's Sesquipedalian Sybarite,” is his blog's motto, and follow him you can, indeed. Browse 784 restaurant reviews and some 5600 visitor comments. Just about any restaurant you'd like to try is likely on his list, and reading each review is like listening to a friend tell you about their dining experiences. Check it out! Click here.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

It's not too early to be thinking about getting tickets for the annual culinary event of the summer. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner takes place July 19, but this delectable affair is so popular, it's good to reserve your seats early.

Combining the intimacy of a private dinner party and the spirit of world-class cuisine, inspired meals take place in homes, gardens and studios around Santa Fe, hosted by notable community members. The evening begins at 6 p.m. with dinners served in homes around the city. Then guests gather at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design's historic Fogelson Library for a dessert party with creations prepared by some of Santa Fe's finest chefs.

Guests won't know where they're dining until just days before the event. They could be seated next to a Nobel laureate or an acclaimed artist or author. Their dinner could be prepared by a celebrity chef from Hawaii or a local James Beard award nominee. The surprise is a big part of gastronomic experience. For more details, click here.