Sunday Afternoon

- September 10, 2012

"Left turn/dare we go/can we afford/lets check the menu"

"I am hungry."

"Me too."

"Would you like to walk to the Plaza?"


A litany of restaurants

roll off our tongues

creating possibilities of


and expenses.

Cool afternoon breeze

encourages lingering

sites and sound

music on the Plaza!


Left turn

dare we go

can we afford

lets check

the menu...


"ah yes, I could..."

"me too if..."


we choose to sit outside

not far from the giant cottonwood

sun dances on leaves

the gracious staff

tends to our needs.


budgets expand

like an accordion

singing joyfully

casting doubt to the wind.


appetizers for my dinner

and traditional fare modified

for my companion

food with a bit of pizzazz

delicate herbs

tremendously satisfying


and then, lets have dessert

as sun sets

we dined longer

with many cross current tales

dessert so rich.

deeply nurtured

satisfied and replenished


do leave a bigger tip


La Casa Sena.