‘Supporting Characters’: A Film Review

- September 25, 2012

"I would definitely recommend this movie"

This blog is written on behalf of the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and will serve as an honest, unbiased review of a few films that will be screening this year. Hopefully, these reviews will inspire conversation and discussion amongst other viewers and encourage the overall appreciation and dissection of this art we call film.

"Supporting Characters" is a comedic movie about friendships, relationships and how, in the end, friendships are always there for support. I really enjoyed this film for multiple reasons. The acting was great and the characters were really interesting. They never seemed to break character. I also enjoyed seeing new actors but also some famous ones such as Alex Karpovsky from "Girls" and "Tiny Furniture”, Kevin Corrigan from "The Departed", and Lena Dunham from the hit HBO show "Girls." They were very interesting to watch and see them outside their usual movies and shows. I found the filming technique and cinematography were done in an excellent manner and I would definitely recommend this movie.

Jena Braziel is a 22 year old student at the University of New Mexico, majoring in Media Arts. She was born in Steamboat Springs, CO and moved to Santa Fe, NM in 7th grade with her family. She hopes to one day become a creative director or producer. For now she is interning and volunteering at Santa Fe Independent Film Festival which has been a valuable learning experience in the film industry.