Take a Trip….

Greta Chapin McGill - October 1, 2014

Travel log of my European tour

When you dream, what do you see?  A sky at sunset with colors of pink, blue and purple?  The peaks of the Jemez mountains, the formations of Chimney Rock and Kitchen Mesa and the red and coral hues that are New Mexico?   The high road to Taos or the smell of lavender on the Chama?  I see all these things.  They are part of my daily existence.  The wonders of the Land of Enchantment pull me everyday to my friends, my surroundings, the light and the love of the city different.

These next few weeks I shall travel far and see many things.  To share them with my friends in Santa Fe and across the globe is my distinct pleasure.  Who likes to travel alone?  Would you come with me to Barcelona?  Share an adventure to a city I have never seen before?  I promise you I have plans to see all the wonders it has to offer from the architectural visions of Antoni Gaudi to the contemporary art of Jean Miro. I plan to drink some incredible wines and view the Sagrada Familia and stick my toes in the sand.   Come along.

Brussels calls me to soak up  the surrealistic vision of Magritte and let his influence pour over me.  A city of eighty museums...will I ever leave?  Let’s have waffles, french fries and beer.  Chocolate and more chocolate.

Antwerp, Paris and London and a few spots in between.  I have a need to put inspiration in front of my eyes.  To  see what wonders there are on the earth and hear how other people communicate, live and love. If you are ready, I am just leaving Istanbul on the way to Barcelona.  I have many things to show you.