Targeting The Hispanic Market

- November 13, 2012

Strategic Tuesday/Promotion

Hello, I’m Jim Glover, That Branding Guy forOnce a Day Marketing™. Today is Strategic Tuesday. An article I read recently in the New York Times is prompting the discussion of whether or not you are targeting the Hispanic market as part of your marketing strategy.

There is a growing trend right now to target the Hispanic market in mainstream advertising. Let’s look at the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Daniel Craig as James Bond graces the cover; however, on the back cover you will see an entirely different Rolling Stone. Latino artist Pitbull is featured and all the text is in Spanish. A special section includes 15 pages of articles that are in English and Spanish, even advertisers are getting involved, targeting the Hispanic market.

In the past you would find Spanish ads almost exclusively on Spanish radio stations, in a Spanish newspaper or on a Spanish television station. Now advertising in Spanish is going mainstream. Rolling Stone magazine is a prime example. 17% of their readers are Hispanic.

What you will see in this special edition are articles that are in Spanish and English as well as ads that are in both languages. In particular Procter & Gamble with products such as Charmin, Gain and Bounty is advertising in both languages. P&G says that the growth of some of its brands is directly attributed to the Hispanic market.

Use of the dual-language advertising is a reflection of the fact that acculturated Latinos are speaking both English and Spanish at home and outside of the home.

The strategic question for you today is to consider what you are or should be doing to ensure that your product or services are properly aligned to target this market.

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