‘The Centrifuge Brain Project’: A Film Review

- October 4, 2012

"This short defies reality and shows what great things can be dreamed up and put on screen"

This blog is written on behalf of the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and will serve as an honest, unbiased review of a few films that will be screening this year. Hopefully, these reviews will inspire conversation and discussion amongst other viewers and encourage the over all appreciation and dissection of this art we call film.

The short film, "The Centrifuge Brain Project", features some of the most amazing amusement park rides ever dreamed up. Don’t be deceived by the dry manner in which this story is told, once the rides are fired up, jaws will hang wide open in awe. Basically, the film follows a scientist as he explains the history of an experimental process by which spectacular amusement park rides have been used to study the human brain. As the story progresses, clips of different rides are shown, and each one is more fascinating and incredible than the last. This short defies reality and shows what great things can be dreamed up and put on screen. Imagination is definitely put to good use in "The Centrifuge Brain Project."

Baxter Smith is a sophomore at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, studying film. His interests therein include: writing, directing, and film restoration, as well as music (both of the soundtrack and popular variety).