The Cowgirl

- June 1, 2011

"When the sun goes down, the Cowgirl gets funky."

Lunch with the girls at Cowgirl. The walls are covered with cowgirls in fancy boots from the past. On the patio in the afternoon, you'll see a group of players plucking banjos, violins, washboards and cowbells. All the servers wear plaid shirts, crunched up cowboy hats and denim skirts of various lengths. It's about those hats! The brims are rolled up so tight they are totally useless in the sun. The important thing is the Cowgirl statement. Just about everyone who visits Santa Fe stops by Cowgirl at some point during their stay. It's great when you have a craving for a fat juicy burger and some fries. The jerk chicken salad has personality, as well. Trolling around town comparing margaritas is without a doubt a serious Santa Fe pastime and Cowgirl ranks right up there. They know how to make you a really good drink. When the sun goes down, the Cowgirl gets funky. The bar is crowded, the band is loud and the dancing is fierce. Highly recommended, I am fast becoming a margarita maven.