The Goal: Breakfast at Totemoff’s

Liz Simon - January 6, 2014

'I will be posting photos of my early morning treks.'

I received some bad news the other day at the physical therapist's (PT) office. A badly sprained ankle, which had occurred in June, had NOT healed properly. At the time of the injury, I had immobilized it, thought it had healed after 5 weeks, and went on my merry way---thinking, that's me, Dr. Liz, self-proclaimed M.D. at my best. All was well until consecutive days of skiing this season made the ankle feel like the two of us were back in June, spread out flat on the Windsor Trail, site of the injury. The verdict from the pros at PT was "no skiing"…for a while, with one small exception. I was told that I could still walk up the hill and ski down ONCE, the easiest way possible.
This may be my activity pattern for a while. So I've decided to turn this interim plan into a foto-op. I will be posting photos of my early morning treks.
This morning's goal, as the title implies, was "Breakfast at Totemoff's." Not exactly "Breakfast at Tiffany's," but a lot less expensive, and for me, a lot more fun. I arrived at my destination long before the first lifts opened, and found the staff busily preparing the place. It seemed odd to see Totemoff's completely empty. The guys working there were so impressed with my feat of bravery and stamina, that they brought me a huge cup of steaming black coffee…on the house. (But I missed an opportunity. I should have told them that I walked there from Colorado.) It's nice to be up there that early, and I did in fact enjoy a breakfast that I had brought along. Goal accomplished. 
Little did the staff know that a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless (Robert), makes it to the top in the same time it took me to get to Totemoff's…about an hour. Well, he's not snapping photos every 3 minutes. If it weren't for that, I could be at the top in under an hour too. If anyone believes that, I do have a bridge I'd like to sell them. I'm still suffering from non-stop Holiday Season merriment, if you know what I mean, and my times aren't the greatest. This is a thrust-to-weight issue.
Once the lifts had opened, and I resumed walking, I was treated to a variety of one-liners from people passing over me on the chairlift. Here's a brief sampling:
"It's easier to take the lift."
"Put a motor on it."
"You're really burning up the hills."
"We're all rooting for you, ha, ha, ha."
Santa Fe is rich in sit-down comedians. 
Here are my photos of the day:
Vehicle of choice….that dappled pattern are the "skins" stuck to the bottom of the skis….no sliding backwards.
I wasn't the only one walking up.
Low light and COLD.
Fast moving clouds overhead.
The crew at Totemoff's starts their day even earlier than I did.
They get the job done.
Everything in tip top shape for the start of the day.
Anybody here? Nope. No one.
Back at the base lodge and the hamburgers are coming off the grill. Friendly people visiting from Texas.
The Coffee Bar. He was glad to sit down.
Loved the red hair on this kid….like my mom's.
The non-skiers accompany their families and sometimes just stare into the void as they wait. And wait.
"Gear." It's a big part of skiing. Helmets are particularly important.