The Guru in You that Recognizes the Guru-Ness of the Guru is the True Guru - October 2, 2012

"...who decides, anyway, that you are 'Visionary' "

Life is funny. You might not know that yet, but feel free to use it, if you want. I am probably older than you, and know some stuff you are still working on. People are funny too. (Again, if this is blowing your mind, I apologize...)

So it’s interesting how, on people’s web sites, or in their bios, or in their book intros, or wherever, they are described as, and not infrequently bestowed with a title, like “Visionary,” or “Shaman.” or “Great Teacher,” or “Guru," or even just “Expert Social Media Consultant” or whatever.

Except you know they probably wrote it themselves, in the third person, to make it look kind of objective, or facts-based, or inarguable. Or maybe their copy writer wrote it, or their spouse. Or a publisher trying to sell books. Or their professional buddy, for whom they offered a similar endorsement on a book last winter. You know what I mean.

So the question for tonight (maybe it was the mussels at El Farol earlier…) is—Do you get to call yourself any of those titles? Don’t they have to be bestowed from outside, by at least somebody else and, preferably, lots of somebody elses? And who decides, anyway, that you are “Visionary”? People who believe in what you believe in sort of indirectly pat themselves on the back by saying that the guy whose beliefs I happen to share is Visionary. So that seems complicated. There might be something like a conflict of interest, or perhaps just a circularity in that one that sounds funny to me.

I’m just saying.

And I have heard it said that no shaman calls him or herself a shaman. I do not know if that is true, since I am more familiar with Druids than shamans, but I have heard it said.

And are these things relative? Like, “I have read five books on Social Media and you have read one, and you occasionally check your Mashable emails, so I am an expert in comparison to you…?"

And here’s another thing--how do you qualify to “give Darshan?” I get that Darshan is usually discussed in relation to people like Neem Karoli Baba, Mother Meera, Amaji and other such non-European teachers. Then again, I have heard it said (don’t know if it’s true) that dying people can shower a kind of Darshan to those he or she is about to leave.

I find myself thinking that if this is about bestowing or offering grace, and love, and light (I read online that Mother Meera offers it free of charge…), then I think Barney does this all the time—I don’t think he is capable of doing anything but showering Darshan. So I am not sure I understand who gets to be called a “giver of Darshan” or what qualified them for that title, or whether they always qualified, or whether some event in their life shifted something or other, at which point they now had Darshan to give?

Of course, I am having a little fun here. And of course, I am serious too.

This is a very serious business, this figuring out who knows something that others do not know, or has a gift that others do not have, or can bestow something that others do not have to bestow, or have connections to higher dimensions and beings to which the rest of us do not have access, or have “vision” that we do not have, or, or, or…

It is probably a good thing that I am pretty dismissable in these realms. My qualifications are that I am an inner-city Cleveland guy who has never been to Esalen (I think it would be cool), has never met any spiritual leader greater than, well, probably Barney, and I probably sound more like a third-baseman than a Tibetan monk.

So, in other words, you don’t have to take these questions seriously.

Hey, we live in the United States, and we are free to give away power any way we choose, so if somebody wants to go around thinking that the other guy has so much more to offer, and knows so much more then they do, and wants to listen to the other guy a lot and call him visionary, or whatever they want to call them, I totally support that…


…I remember Antonio saying something like “The guru in you that recognizes the guru-ness of the guru, is the true guru of the guru.” So at some level, if there is some part of you, recognized or not, conscious or not, that recognizes that the person you are recognizing as a guru has something special to offer, then you must have a part of you that already knows when “something special” is offered, and how could you have known it was special if, at some level, you did not know it already? That is the guru in you that is the true guru of the guru. In other words, the Time Guru knows it is quarter to ten because she wore her watch today and you did not, so she does know something you do not know, but it is something you have the ability to know, and the capacity and access to know—you just have to remember to wear your watch./p>

But wait, that’s crazy---that would mean we are ALL potential gurus, ALL potential visionaries, ALL potential bestowers of Darshan….

Or maybe it’s not crazy…


I don’t know. Anyway, it is hard to like the Browns’ chances against the Giants next week. Eli is going to shred that secondary. Dude is a visionary QB…

OK, you can forget all of this and go on with your Saturday night…

Only Do Awesome Things.