The Intro - Outro of Digital Forever - July 1, 2011

"Any moment between the microphone and the voice is so close for comfort, it becomes a love affair."

Ah, the personal moment between you and the microphone. Any moment between the microphone and the voice is
so close for comfort, it becomes a love affair.

So, as I grab a life in Pro-tools, for at least two syncopated exaggerated hours, my head in the "cans", I am recreating
the link to love. Or left over scraps of love, still lurking about in my ego.

What is this $1,000.00 song (the average person's cost)  REALLY about?

Who are you when you compose it?

This compelling urge to etch yourself in media download, to leave a mark in the world.

Even while you contemplate how your soul will always be aware and be in musical  eternity, one must command
a reliable melody, resist auto tune, "toss off" emotions inside the lyrics, hangover a note, invite the attack with less woof,sing so intimately it is mouth watering delicious, and hope all the music appreciators out there will BUY the record YOU made.

Still, as I reside inside the moment of  bass,drums,percussion,cellos, violins,violas,keyboards, strum sticks, guitars, Casio's,
and as many odd "surprise" instruments I can think of to appear on this record, I am truly content, possibly truly happy.
Gliding in on the intro, preparing my emotive voice to jump in, who do I become?

That someone deep, deep, down beyond even the body, that small yet large "voice" that constantly guides and whispers
truth and peace.

Oh, baby , it doesn't even feel good, it goes beyond, it simply ... IS.

IS ... timeless, sincere, right.

Coming in on the intro .. being a part of the whole..

Holding your breath to have this suspended one of a kind peace to the last note of the outro.

The In to the Out, a lifetime of musical continuity.

Original digital forever.

Intro-ducing to outro-ducing, dreaming to doing equals my BE-ing.