The Kitchen Angels: I’d Guarantee Their Entry to Heaven - May 27, 2011

"Do what you can..."

Can you remember being really sick and appreciating that family and friends were close by to help? What if that were not the case, and you had nobody near to assist you? What if you were too elderly to shop, or cook? What if you were seriously ill and too weak to stand?

Being at physical risk makes all of us feel vulnerable and for the many in Santa Fe County that don’t have support or care, I can only imagine that it must be a terrifying experience. If I imagine being sick, alone and afraid, I think I’d pray. I’d pray for help—a neighbor that was kind of heart, or for an angel that understood how embarrassed I was to have to ask for a hand.

Lucky for those in Santa Fe that a very large community of committed individuals volunteer their time to cook and deliver healthy meals to the housebound and those in serious need. The Kitchen Angels, it’s a perfect name for the well-intentioned and committed band of cooks and their drivers.

Each day, this group gathers and cooks with the support of local organic farms. They provide the most basic necessity—a healthy meal. Seems like a small gesture to cook for someone in need, but then again there are hundreds of people each day in our County that need the help. That takes a village.

It’s no mystery that nutritious meals are important and even more so to those that are seriously ill. And we know that a vulnerable population that is well nourished is less likely to succumb to infections and hospitalizations. They can remain in their own homes, in familiar surroundings, and not incur the additional expense of hospital stays.

As times change, I can only think, There But for The Grace of God Go I. Fortunately, I am healthy and strong, but there are those that are much less fortunate, and they are growing in numbers.

I would like to be the bearer of the “Golden Wings” award for outstanding service as a human being. Each and every one of the Kitchen Angels would receive a pair. Their commitment to providing hope and help to those less fortunate, reminds me once again of my own personal responsibility.

If you are considering volunteering this year, I invite you to research the Kitchen Angels. Offer to help cook. Maybe drive meals one afternoon a week. Do what you can. There are those in our community that need our help. And if I ever get that chance to hand out the “Golden Wing” awards, I promise I’ll add you to the list.