The Moment My Musical Muse Comes Alive - July 1, 2011

...Wake up a bit grouchy, the "not so nice-lys" looping their chatter in my brain.

Unsettled and edgy, I wait for the day to pass, try to let go this "odd off
of my game kinda whatever it is."

But it doesn't. So I heave heavy sighs as evening draws near...pour a glass of wine, open the paper...

A pause, an awareness, a moment, an urge to wander to the piano, pick up the guitar, and simply start playing
music. Any groove, any style. Hum a melody. Start to sing a line of lyric in sync with these newly minted notes...

Aha! So this is the answer. This is the brewing and birthing. This is the release of my whole day of angst.

Grab the pencil and paper, scribble as fast as I can -- to remember, to memorize, to feel a connection flowing through me.

A link like no other space in my life, a fulfillment both deeply still and yet intensely alive.

No other aspect in life feeds and satisfies like this. Simply getting "high" on the song. Channeling...

Losing  track of time, neither hungry or thirsty, simply being in "the moment my musical muse comes alive."