The People Have Spoken - November 19, 2012

"...we must encourage, cajole and pressure the President to 'Declare War on Oil Dependence...' "

There were two conspicuous points brought up in the Presidents’ acceptance speech on election night. The first is the direct reference to freeing us from our dependence on foreign oil and the second was his direct plea for us to stay engaged. If Americans stay focused on ending the need for petroleum, we can provide permanent solutions to the three greatest challenges facing this country and our planet.

  • Climate Change
  • Militarization to protect vulnerable oil supply lines
  • Unsustainable energy economics

To the President’s credit, he has taken us quite a long way towards this transition that will be the greatest challenge man has ever faced. Some president’s talk and do nothing and this president did things and then for some unknown reason didn’t talk about it.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or the “stimulus plan” was partly a stimulus but more than half was “Reinvestment” in the American industrial base. The ARRA was successful at leapfrogging over existing technologies making it financially feasible to use biological systems to replace our reliance on dwindling oil reserves. The biggest leap has been in advanced biofuels making it possible to cost effectively produce liquid fuels from organic waste, such as sewage, farm waste and solid municipal waste, and the first “at scale” plants have come on line. The U.S. generates 1.6 billion tons of organic waste a year, costing billions to bury or burn. With the right focus, we could produce enough advanced biofuels by 2018 to end the import of non-North American oil. When Pearl Harbor was bombed and we declared war, it took only six months to retool our industrial infrastructure for that war. Americans know how to do that very well. Today is even a greater emergency.

Now that the science is complete and the President has called it out as one of his top priorities, we must encourage, cajole and pressure him to “Declare War on Oil Dependence” and use every tool at his disposal to communicate this to the American people, including the bully pulpit to make Advanced Biofuels Scale Up our number #1 National priority.

We the people must also vote with our wallets and let our voices be heard to pressure corporations to use a small part of the $2 trillion horde of money they are holding to implement this advanced biofuels program. This would bring a quarter  of a trillion dollars a year home to pay American workers to produce domestic bio-fuels, improving long-term employment opportunities and this plan has the fringe benefit of reducing pollution and carbon in our environment. This will improve our national security by removing the need to have American troops around the globe to protect our energy supplies.

For more information check out or search "advanced fiofuels."