The Reality of a Writer’s Life

- August 8, 2011

"A new chapter is always a challenge"

A new chapter is always a challenge. What will my characters do? Who is the center of attention in this scene? Who will they love? Who will they hate? As the writer, it is all up to me to decide, but there are times when those pesky characters take matters into their own hands.

They do as they wish and ask no one for permission, least of all me. Creating all types of havoc, looking to me to get them out of their dilemmas. Wrecking cars and lives willy nilly all over the place. My women make the worst choices in men, giving them fodder for their tears. My men make the worst choices in women, yet they remain strong and resilent and never shed even one tear. My characters' happy days are romantic and wonderful, their arguments passionate and intense.

The water of life rolls down the walls of their lives as it does one's own, sometimes rushing headlong and out of control or meandering lazy and slow. My writing is an exercise in observation of the intangible world. The inner workings of the universe explained syllable by syllable, vowel by vowel, and ever present adjectives to spice up the mix. If it were up to me, I would never stray from the comfort of my computer and my words, creating a perfectly imperfect world, stocking it with interesting eclectic beings.

Worldly duties like rent and utilities are now beckoning me with a sly knowing smile to let me know reality really bites. So the self made universe will have to wait, it's back to the foot farm.