The Return of the Dark (K)Night: Can We Avoid It?

- August 3, 2012

"Even if you have fallen badly and feel trapped in the darkness, you too can rise once again"

Originally published in the Huffington Post.

In my last two posts, I have been exploring themes related to my DVD, titled Sulam Chi: A Dance of Life. In this post, I will use some thoughts about the last of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, to continue the discussion about Sulam Chi, a set of easy-to-learn movements that integrate the energies of tai chi and Kabbalah's mystical Tree of Life.

A lot can be read into the title of the movie. From a tai chi perspective, one truth emerges from it; the dark night will rise. There is no way to avoid the power of darkness in the dance of life. As much as Bruce Wayne wanted to hide and avoid dealing with the pain and deceit in his life, he was forced to face it head-on. Once the darkness arose, he had a choice. He could have chosen to run from it and continue his hiding. But, he didn't. In his willingness to face the darkness within, he learned important lessons about himself and about the light.

I discuss in the video clip below from my DVD the interplay of the light and the dark from a tai chi point of view. We are trained in the Judeo-Christian tradition that the darkness is "bad" and needs to be defeated. That is a limited perspective that does not deal with a greater truth. As Isaiah related in 45:7 regarding the big picture, "I am the One Who forms light and creates darkness; Who makes peace and creates evil..."

This idea mirrors the Tao that is reflected in the Tai Chi diagram. The light and the dark come from the same source, a source that is inherently benevolent and loving. If we run from the darkness and try to avoid it, it will eventually rise up and have to be dealt with. But there is another way. When we acknowledge the reality that the darkness is calling us, we can choose to engage it with the spirit of a warrior, that is one who is willing to face what needs attention with the goal of restoring balance and harmony where it is needed.

As the movie dramatically points out, it takes preparation and skill to deal with dark forces. Even when he was left broken in body and spirit, life gave Bruce a chance to revive his body and reignite his spirit and desire to shine light into the world and his own heart.

I offer Sulam Chi, which means Ladder of Life Force Energy, as a simple, gentle, yet powerful tool to help you in your quest for balance and harmony in your life. Even if you have fallen badly and feel trapped in the darkness, you too can rise once again!

You can learn the movements of Sulam Chi from my recently produced DVD about it called, Sulam Chi: A Dance of Life.

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