Internationally Renowned Wedding Designer Sarah Haywood Visits Santa Fe

- April 30, 2012

"Haywood is the managing director of Weddings With Distinction, a U.K.-based company that pulls off weddings ranging from $20,000 to millions."

This week, international wedding designer Sarah Haywood took some time to visit the City Different and was amazed at the serene romantic ambiance of Santa Fe. The trip was a whim for her and she parked her Christian LaBoutin’s at the Hotel Santa Fe. We met in the spa and later shared some quality time over a glass of wine.

The Ultimate Wedding Designer

Wedding planning is a huge business these days. Witness the number of TV shows taking you from engagement to dress buying, venue selection and all the details of pulling off your dream wedding at any price. Haywood is the managing director of Weddings With Distinction, a U.K.-based company that pulls off weddings ranging from $20,000 to millions.

Charming and detail-oriented, Haywood appeared live as CNN’s expert during the royal wedding of Prince William and Katherine . From her perch in the CNN booth at Buckingham Palace, Haywood's was the voice you heard explaining every detail from Kate’s dress to Pippa’s shoes and the choices of guest favors. Certainly a job anyone would love to have.

Shoes Make The Day

I think the leveling factor between all women is our love of the perfect pair of shoes. Haywood introduced me to Gina Shoes. Who could not want a BFF who shares your love of perfectly beautiful footwear with gravity defying heels? Boots with stars and ribbons and peep toes to show off your perfect pedicure. Shoes with names like “Merlin” and “Nero” and of course the Swarovski Crystal-covered “Rihanna.” Needless to say, I have bookmarked the Gina Shoes Luxury Designer Footwear website and am making my wish list as I write this.

Planning and executing your dream wedding day is no easy task and whether you want a low key event or an over the top unforgettable affair, having a wedding planner is an invaluable tool. Haywood is the go to person worldwide for a wedding you’ll never forget. If Haywood is not in your budget, do visit her website for invaluable tips and try the Ultimate Wedding App. This handy little tool is like having Haywood to guide you and keep you within your budget. You can enjoy her tested and true expertise and make your wedding as memorable as any of Haywood's elegant special events.

Santa Fe The Ultimate Wedding Destination

Santa Fe is a great honeymoon destination—so much to see and share, a great place to start making marital memories. Against a backdrop of romantic mountains, music, great restaurants and art galleries it will surely be the place you and your new spouse will want to return to again and again.

An afternoon of wedding tales and an evening of wine and conversation with Haywood and her charming husband made an otherwise mundane Tuesday evening filled with fun and new red shoes. Thanks to Haywood, the “International Wedding Diva,” for a wonderful evening and spa experience during her visit to Santa Fe.