The Way I See Things # 2

- July 1, 2011

One more Santa Fe club closes its doors.

"Where do we go from here?"  David Essex

R.I.P. Corazon.  Bummer.  I feel for you Mikey Baker and what you tried to do.  I hope the scars from this fight heal quickly, and you get ready to take up the sword again soon and take on something else bigger than you.  It gives hope to the rest of us.  And as a side note, included in this blog is a picture from my last birthday party, held at Corazon, with me on the stage with some of Santa Fe's best. 

What more can I say?  In the relatively short time that I've lived here, I've seen more bars, nightclubs, and other nightlife establishments shut down than anywhere else I've lived.  Why?  Is the town too small to support these places?  Is the DUI Patrol forcing people to stay home?  Does no one have money to go out anymore?   Does anyone have the answer?

Santa Fe is full of some of the best musical talent I've seen in quite some time in one place.  But most of the shows I go to are sparsely attended.  To say the least.  Too much competition?  I doubt that.  Have we all just grown lazy?  Are there too many other distractions:  the intenet, giant plasma TV screens, human sacrifices?  OK, the last one was just to see if you're paying attention, but really people, why not go out and at least one night a week support your favorite band, club, DJ, performance artist, mime, sideshow freak, or whatever it is that floats your boat.  You're not a hermit (most of you) -- social interaction is good for the soul.

Couch potato is NOT an approved lifestyle choice.  Get off your butts and see how much fun there is is out there.  And buy me a drink when you run into me.

To answer the question from my last posting:  In the early 90's I got a chance to meet RINGO STARR, when he insisted on going backstage at the Crown Royal Country Music Series show in LA to meet MARTY STUART.  I was the only one around with a camera, and got this shot, and a hug from Ringo.

Next time:  I begin to look at the folks that performed at Frog Fest Six, Thirsty Ear, the Jam for Joplin, the Rodeo de Santa Fe, and some other great events that you probably missed because you didn't want to have to get up to put the bag of Cheetos in your lap back in the cabinet.  But first -- Where is the world's most famous grotto, and how many of you got to go in it?  (Hint:  in the USA)