The Way I See Things #4

- July 29, 2011

Santa Fe's musicans

"There's a little bird, somebody sent, down to the earth…”  Jewel

So loyal readers, welcome back to my rant.  For the next few posts, I’m going to be taking a look at some of the wonderfully talented musicians that we are lucky to have here in Santa Fe.  Hopefully you’ll see something or read something that will get you off the sofa and out into the venues to see them perform. For those you who’ve read my previous posts, you’ll understand why I think I’m the right guy to do this. Or not. Whatever.

The first artist I’ve chosen to highlight may not be one of the best-known folks on stages around town – but she is certainly one of the sweetest. Paula Rhae McDonald – A.K.A “Little Bird” -- is a long-time Santa Fe resident, but originally hails from Texas. She possesses one of those ethereal voices that just sends chills up your spine when she gets in front of a microphone. She is a talented songwriter (see “Crazy as a June Bug” on her 2010 “Little Bird” CD, released through Frogville Records -- video elsewhere on this page), and an interesting interpreter of other people’s songs (Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways” and Johnny Mercer’s “Goody Goody”, same CD), besides being an incredible vocalist.  If you were one of the lucky folks who attended Frog Fest 6 (and saw her join Bill Hearne for a few songs) or The Jams for Joplin event, you got a chance to hear what I mean.  She was even nice enough to let me sing with her!

She was going to have a big show on August 6th at the Santa Fe Performance Exchange before they closed --  keep your eyes on the calendar for the new venue.  And tell her I told you to say hi when you see her. 

To answer the question from my last posting – “Was that really Paris Hilton?”  Yes it was.  We met at a VIP party at The Coachella Music and Arts Festival a few years ago. She was there with her sister and some other friends, but Paris was the one that was sweet, and approachable, and agreed to have her photo taken with yours truly. 

Next time – a quick story about Billy Bob Thornton.



The Big Medicine Band:  (L to R): Augie Hayes, George Langston, Paula Rhae (Lil’ Bird) McDonald Susan Hyde Holmes, and Margaret Burke – in performance at the Kiva Fine Art Gallery.

Little Bird CD cover – Photo by Christopher Wright

Paula Rhae at Frog Fest – Photo by Eric Davis

Paris Hilton with yours truly -- Photo by Kelly Davis