There Goes Another Million-Dollar Idea - October 17, 2011

"Think and do tank meeting-continuing the conversation Oct. 19, join in"

In times of great change, the opportunities are endless. Maybe Confucius said it hundreds of years ago. Definitely, I said it 20 seconds ago.

My friend Margo was telling me about her experience hanging out with a friend of hers. Through the course of the conversation, seemingly every half an hour, her friend would remark, “There goes another million-dollar idea!”

“The guy just sees opportunity everywhere!” Margo shared with me. And, ya know, what’s weird, when I did a survey of business incubators around the state, several directors mentioned this other phenomenon. About half of the people who came in, wanted to do something, be a part of something, but didn’t know what!”

As Margo is telling me this story the proverbial light bulb went off…. “Those people need each other!!” Well, duh!!

This is the kind of connections a Think and Do Tank can create. As we jump into creating sustainable lifestyles, everybody can be an essential participant!

Today you’re clueless…”just give me something to do," but to the person who is spewing out ideas, you are gold. …

Man, I love it that you want to run with this idea! Sometimes I think I’m such an airhead….Hey, there are two other people I met yesterday that want to lean into it. Here are their cell numbers…get a hold of em and we can brainstorm it. With your combined skill bases, we can work out the details! This is a million-dollar idea!!

Alright then, let’s do it!!

So how do you see yourself? An idea generator or a worker bee? However you see yourself, join in the conversation! Together we can make sustainable real!

Think and Do Tank Second Meeting

How do innovative people work together to create a thriving local/regional, resilient, sustainable economy? Join the ongoing conversation at the Santa Fe Community College Trades & Advanced Technology Center on Oct 19. Possible next steps include the establishment of a meeting place/café/daycare/library facility, and an online presence to post ideas and get immediate feedback.

For more info, notes from the first meeting, a map, and to RSVP go to and click on the calendar listing: 5:45-8:30 p.m., Room 800 Technology Center entry lounge.

Co-sponsored by Sustainable Santa Fe, Brian Skeele and the SFCC Renewable Energy Programs.