Thing of Beauty, Aug. 4 - August 4, 2011

"It's a different world up there..."

My family and I went up to the Jemez Wednesday because the Las Conchas Trail has been reopened!

The point of ignition for the Las Conchas fire is just across the highway from the's eerie looking from the lush green trail up to the opposite hillsides, which are black along the horizon. Tall trees stand like charred matchsticks against the sky, and the creek that runs under the road and along the Las Conchas trail is jet black with soot and mud.

It's a different world up there.

Even so, life persists. This little ground squirrel spied on us while we ate watermelon in the back of my mom's truck at the trailhead, and darted over for small pieces that the kids dropped. I trained my long lens on him, and got a few closeups.
And by the way, the kids decided this guy's name is Bob "The Pancho" Squeakers.
Like I said, life persists. Beauty too.

Happy Thursday.