Thing of Beauty Thursday: Graysen Gets Glasses - August 18, 2011

"'Look Mom!' he told me, in awe, 'tiny ants everywhere!'"

Here's a little bit of beauty from my personal life -- my 7 year-old, Graysen, who just got glasses this week. Not only is my boy a beautiful little light in my life, he now has a more beautiful view of the world thanks to these super cool skull and crossbones specs! The moment he put these on for the first time, the world finally came into focus. He compensated so well for so long that I had no idea how fuzzy everything was for him.

"Look Mom!" he told me, in awe, "tiny ants everywhere!"

I took for granted the teensy black ants in our driveway....they bite, you see, so I don't stand still out there for very long. But it had never occurred to me that Gray couldn't see them.

The following day, I asked him how he was doing with his glasses. Asked him if the world looks any different, and he nodded. "I can see far now," he said, "and close up too! It kinda looks like the world is falling on me!"

Being able to a beautiful thing. Happy Thursday!