Thing of Beauty Thursday, Oct. 6 - October 6, 2011

Yesterday was so very fall. My husband and I washed up a huge batch of the amazing Champagne apples we bought from Dixon's during their big weekend sale, and juiced them. Incredible stuff, that. The apples looked so pretty sitting on the counter that of course I had to shoot them. Later on, as the rain fell and the temps dropped, we decided it would be lovely to have our first fire of the season. Though the wood was wet from sitting out in the rain, my husband finally got the fire going and the ambiance was a nice change from the hot, dry evenings of summer.

So yesterday was a fall apple and kiva fireplace day....and I realize that the juxtaposition is a bit odd, considering what the Las Conchas fire did to Dixon's Apple Orchard, but think of this as fall beauty instead....and rejoice in the amazing rain and, even better, snow on the mountains this morning! Happy Thursday!