Thing of Beauty Thursday - September 8, 2011

"Tea & Hummingbird"

I suppose it was inevitable: every year, a couple of weeks after school starts up again, I get sick. Usually I come down with strep, which is always wickedly nasty. Last year I had the dubious honor of having the first case of strep that the Urgent Care doc had seen that season.

This year, it's just a bad cold, but dang....I feel terrible. So, faced with having to scout out my thing of beauty for today's post, I became convinced that I wouldn't find anything more beautiful than my hot mug of tea, and I didn't have the strength to dig out my camera. I grabbed my cell phone instead, and cued up my Retro Camera app.

But then, a little visitor appeared outside the kitchen window. A dainty little hummingbird, who is probably perturbed with me because I have been neglecting my feeder filling duties. I mustered the strength to get my real camera--the one with the 300 mm lens--then fought with it to get a basically clear photo. My brain was all a mess from my cold, and my hands were shaking just enough to make most of my shots blurry.
So, this isn't stellar....not today. But it was a small moment of beauty, and so....I share it here. With that, I'm heading back to bed to rest and heal. Happy Thursday and stay well! Take lots of vitamin C....there's something going around.