Traces of Wildlife

- August 8, 2012

"...look yonder our mountains tall and blue in hazy morning"

the skull of the stoned skunk

gazes upon ghostly blue sky

the offending stone

cast by a stranger

another senseless


Warning! Do not step

upon the multiple expanding ant hills

bustling with fierce activity.

All else appears serene

in early morning



no sign of the coyotes who pass

frequently each night.

Owls and hawks keep hidden (where?)

in daylight

around here.


2 cottontails


nearby newly paved road.

they scatter

into bush

before crashing into

chain link fence

with razor wire

crowning its perimeter.


industrial development

replaced old churches and

radio studios.

Even the film studios have disappeared.

here, not far from the highway,

are the underpinnings of the city

and state.

New shiny structures


the details



the facade

of an ancient village



look yonder

our mountains

tall and blue

in hazy morning

July sky.

Wild sunflowers have begun to bloom.