- June 9, 2011

Uncle Jesse's never been stingy with his opinions, and now you can read just what he thinks about some of the best songs 2009 had to offer. Of course, it's all just a matter of personal taste, so y'all should feel free to comment or post your own lists (^_^)


1 – BILLY CURRINGTON – People Are Crazy

(For once, I agree with something David Letterman said – “This is the perfect country song.”  All due respect to David Allan Coe and Steve Goodman, of course.)

2 – GEORGE STRAIT – Living for the Night 

(Another heartbreaker from the master.  I reckon pappy should get Bubba’s help more often.  Best bridge in any single, any genre this year.)

3 – TOBY KEITH – American Ride

(My favorite song of Toby’s career so far.  Word is he debated for a year whether or not to record it, since it’s such a departure from his norm – nice work, sir.)

4 – SUGARLAND – It Happens

(A day in the life.  A very crappy day.  But a very catchy song.  Love the simulated horse whiny via the guitar at the beginning.)

5 – DIERKS BENTLEY – Sideways

(Makes me want to dance a jig every time.  Like Dierks, I also dig that white tank top/blue jeans look on a gal.)

6 – DARIUS RUCKER – Alright

(Since he used to sing pop music, I’ve resisted liking every single one of his songs so far, but end up getting them stuck in my head anyway.  I especially like the way he sings the name “Patsy Cline.”)


(King George makes the list twice!  Should come as no surprise.  One of the best jukebox songs of all time.)


(His Mexican accent’s about as bad as mine, which makes this song all the more charming, if you ask me.  Plus he somehow gets away with saying “ass” on the radio – heh heh.)

9 – MIRANDA LAMBERT – White Liar

(Just plain rocks.  Great song that just keeps growing on me.  Women are emotional creatures, generally speaking, and the words this one uses to express hurt and anger are like a psychic punch to the gut.)

10 – JASON ALDEAN – Big Green Tractor

(Despite the opening riff sounding stolen from The Allman Brothers Band’s “Soulshine,” a song about a tractor never sounded so good.  The imagery evoked in the lyrics really takes me back.)

Also, I should mention that I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for more from that JAMEY JOHNSON feller.  Even though “That Lonesome Song” was released as a CD in 2008, I went out and bought it after seeing him perform on the CMA Awards – it’s one of the best “outlaw” albums ever made, in my opnion.

Finally, two releases that fall more in the “Americana” vein, but are worth checking out if you ask me, are that “WILLIE & THE WHEEL” album (leans toward bluegrass), as well as SON VOLT’S “American Central Dust” (leans toward folk rock).

In 2010, I’m REALLY looking forward to hearing the new album from rockabilly royalty WANDA JACKSON, with Jack White producing (he also produced Loretta Lynn’s “Van Lear Rose,” by the way).

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post originally dated Sunday January 24th, 2010