Visual Disadvantage

- August 18, 2011

"I could make the argument that people in the visual arts have a definite disadvantage in life"

I could make the argument that people in the visual arts have a definite disadvantage in life. That’s right, DISADVANTAGE. I could also make the opposite case, and might, in some future blog. But for the sake of today’s little exposé, I’m going to stick with the first thought.

This morning, I had the pleasure of being interviewed over at Hutton Broadcasting at their stations at 2502 Camino Entrada. All of the bloggers from have agreed to these short interviews. And since there are approximately 40 of us being interviewed at the rate of twice a week, that’s going to stretch out over several months.

I rode over on my motorcycle in case parking would be an issue, which it never is with a motorcycle. On the second floor, I was warmly greeted by Tess in the reception area. She introduced me to Scott and Honey who would be conducting two separate radio interviews:  Scott with “Project 101.5 FM” and Honey with “The Big Show.” I liked these people immediately. They have that air of confidence and professionalism which you can only admire, and yet they were down to earth, affable people. That can be a rare combination. I knew I was in good hands, but...’s where the “disadvantage” comes into play, as it always does with me anyway. If you place a visually-dominated person into a new environment with new “stuff” all over the place, that will equate out to only one thing. Distraction. I had the camera with me and had gotten permission to take some shots, so I started walking around, shooting, and peaking into the various broadcast booths---indulging the distraction you might say.

To someone who has never been inside of a broadcasting booth, it’s just fascinating: bright LEDs all over the place, interesting software on their computer screens, odd shaped microphones, equalizer panels with all sorts of sliders, and an intimidating monster antenna about 10 feet out the back door. That alone held my attention for quite some time. Then there I am, seated for the first interview, and I hear Honey saying something like: “We’re live and on air today with...” and you-know-who is still engrossed with the hi-tech scenery. I snapped back to reality and my two interviewers could not have been more gracious. It was a pleasure to meet them and I hope I didn’t screw up their interviews too badly!!

Next time, rest assured, I’ll bring a blindfold.

Cheers and Happy Trails to You From Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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