What Happened Last Year?

Santafe.com - November 23, 2011

"Please be careful"

Remember last year? How about four years ago? All the injuries and deaths that ensued Black Friday? It still bothers me to this day that the Walmart greeter was trampled to death and no one so much as tried to help him up. Was it for fear of being trampled themselves? Or was it merely a severe case of greed? I understand that Black Friday deals are great and companies sell tons of stuff for steals but, when you're in your "Extreme Shopping" mode, barreling down the aisle of Walmart with your shopping cart red-lining in sixth gear racing to the electronics section, don't get tunnel vision and take out an infant baby with you.

I guess the point I'm trying to get across is. Please, no matter what you do, be safe this Thanksgiving and no matter how much of a discount your store is giving you this Friday nothing is worth endangering yourself or causing harm to yourself or others. Be safe. Pilgrim, Out.

P.S. - more quality posts coming.