What is DJ Sean Up To Tonight?

Santafe.com - November 29, 2011

I encourage you to come hang out with me and my friends at Buffalo Thunder tonight in Blue Tower. It's KARAOKE TIME!!! Hosted by DJ John Edwards tonight is going to be fun! I'll probably sing something terrible that I can't sing in the first place or pick a song I have never heard before or go up there with a bunch of friends and sing N*SYNC or Backstreet Boys... (lol We did that 2 weeks ago). So definitely get out there tonight, it'll be fun! Don't be shy either if you read this and you came out because you read this feel free to join us. We are a crazy group of individuals and we like to have a good time. The more the merrier!!!

Actually, you should comment below and tell me what I should sing. That'll be more fun. I'm sure without a doubt that my friend will have his video camera on hand and will film everyone of us. So, come out play some slots, drink some drinks, and sing a little song and make a little dance, get down tonight!!! Winner wins $50 and it's a popularity vote... so you can be the worst singer in the world and still win if you have supportive friends. We're going to try to get our lead vocalist Jessica of [SIN]pathy (sinpathy.com) out there to tear it up so make sure you come out it'll be so kickass!

Also, side note... if you play on Xbox Live add me, my gamertag is SINPATHYdotNET

Band has a show coming up this Thursday so get the info from our site! sinpathy.com