What’s Going On

- June 9, 2011

The creative energies in this town are flowing constantly in all sorts of venues...

With this, my first blog post on SantaFe.com, let me take a moment to introduce myself, to Santa Fe, if you are new to it, and what our journey together might be all about.

First of all, the picture on this blog post is a mistake. You see, just as the photographer was about to snap this shot, this older gentleman stepped between me and the camera. Same thing happened at the DMV and now I have to explain to police officers: who that really is on my license.  What I can tell you is this:  that I am a twenty-plus-year resident of Santa Fe and that I have been in love with this place forever. I like to go to concerts, shows, galleries, art studios, the mountains and restaurants in Santa Fe, visit with friends and explore areas all over Northern New Mexico. You see, this is a forty-year love affair with this place I call home and I like to share all of this with others.

You certainly can read in the guidebooks, all of the things about Santa Fe that people find interesting. I’ll tell you about those things too; but I will also tell you what is going on in town: today ,tomorrow, next week or next month. And we’ll talk about the stuff that doesn’t get in the guidebooks or mentioned in a press release by this or that organization – what might not make it into the paper on any given day or the magazines, once a month.  You see, there is so much about Santa Fe that exists just below the surface. We know about a plays, concerts or art openings when they appear on some brochure or calendar. But, let’s talk about the people who produce these events and the process that leads up to them. The creative energies in this town are flowing constantly in all sorts of venues. I hope to make sure you know about as much of these activities as possible. I’ll share with you as I would with a friend visiting from out of town.

I am always amazed at what Santa Fe is and what it brings to all of us. My wife Thea, a photographer, is another observer of t this wonderful community and we often find ourselves, out and about, marveling at it all – the richness, the sights, the sounds, the smell of it. We often look at each other, filled with wonder, with our spoken or unspoken mantra: “We live here”.

Oh, and by the way, I have opinions – boy, do I have opinions! I won’t tell you what you should like, but I will sure tell you what I like.

Mine will not be a blog where I tell you what is good or what you should go to. My space will be one that simply tells you how fortunate we are to have so much – to share the abundance with you. Hell, it’s your life – you get to make the choices.

So, I hope you will come along for the ride.