When Harry Met Sofie

- July 26, 2013

'Look, I was adopted. You were adopted.'


Dear Georgia,

Hey, Georgia, your brother Harry the Cat has a question for you.

What the heck were you thinking? You and our person drove off Saturday

morning to buy cat and dog food and three hours later you come back

with this thing:

Don’t try to deny you were there, because I have proof  you were at the

scene of the crime. This is you smiling for the camera as our person completes the adoption paperwork:

What do you have to say for yourself?

Harry the Cat


Dear Brother Harry,

Look, I was adopted. You were adopted. Little Sofie needed a new home,

a new name cause the shelter named her Nala of all things, and some

decent clothes. I know things were rocky the first day with your having that

hissy fit and all, but order has been restored. I even share my ducks with her:

And you know the best part? Sofie distracts you from

trying to play with me. You provoke her now instead of me and, unlike me who did not

take your bait, Sofie will chase you down the hall as you run for your life

to jump up on the dining room table. Good times! I do promise you this Ark is out of room.


GA the Dog

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