Will There Ever Be Enough?

- November 21, 2011

"...so how does one choose to respond/to the radical changes/thrust upon us/unexpectedly?"

NO! cries the millions


the world and rules have changed

financial crises plague


people in all economic levels.

What is enough?


Look about you

evaluate your feelings


think about your possessions







Where is there not enough?


fear seeps

deep into the gut


circulates rapidly through the blood

delivers toxins to the heart


slows breath

not enough feels awful.
Do you have food



A roof over your head?


gas in the car?

a car?
Yes, financial crisis spreads



and shakes the roots


of identity.
crisis from the Greek

to decide



a juncture in one's life


so how does one choose

to respond


to the radical



thrust upon us

What is enough?


What is important in enough?

How and who do you want to be


in not enough?
In the great depression

some women rented rooms in their houses.


Did they want to?

Other women always planned


to share a portion of their family's food

for a stranger who might appear


on the door step



Others cleaned houses,

sold rags,


worked at any job,

to care for their children.


So many stories

energy turned creative


lives prospered

if even unhappily.
Now is our turn


where we decide

what is most


important in our lives

we can carve


a new sculpture

rich in strength


and imagination.
If around you

exists abundance


more things than you really need

sell or give them away.


If the mortgage or rent

feels an impossible load


sell the house

rent the house


do something

to reduce the strain.


If you have 2 cars

sell one


create a cash flow from what is, if possible.

You are important.


You have gifts to share with the world.

Redefine your need


your enough

step into a new vista


for your life.

Some ladies who sold rags


invested their money

soon had land


hired employees

and became rich.


Others chose

to enjoy


the wonders

found free


every day.



look at enough