Your Circle LIFE 2014 - January 13, 2014

Let’s talk about nutrition, the kind that doesn’t involved actual food. There are primary and secondary foods; your primary foods are the ways in which you feel fulfilled in your life, all aspects of your life. When you are feeling happy, fulfilled, manifested or actualized then you won’t turn to unhealthy food choices or unhealthy habits. Thus primary foods are just as, if not more important than secondary foods. Think about it, remember when you were a child, playing, having fun, completely enthralled in a game or a craft or when you were learning so much while working on a specific project at work or at school. Food, the kind we eat, became an after thought, when we were enthralled in fulfilling activities. Now think of a time where you were feeling sad, unfulfilled, lacking directions, or lonely, you might have turned to eating to fill that void, to sooth and nurture yourself but at the end you felt just the same if not worse. There are many ways in which we can feed our bodies and our spirits and you move into your new year think about how you are feeding yourself, your precious body and your life. 

So now that you have this concept in mind let’s think about what are the various areas in life that make up who you are, what you do, what brings you joy. What promotes a sense of wellness, happiness and vitality in your life?  Here’s a quick exercise, it’s called the circle of life, this little easy to use tool will help you reflect on your primary/secondary foods and have a visual of what needs attention. So get a piece of paper and draw a circle and divide the circle as if you would a pie. Then assign your primary foods to each slice; it can include nutrition, relationships, career, family time, physical movement, travel, social life, creative outlets, fun and play, etc. Once you have completed your circle of life with all your primary foods, assign a dot to each section. If you are feeling pretty fulfilled in a specific area, mark a dot on that slice toward the circumference of the circle. In the contrary, if you are not feeling fulfilled in a specific area, mark a dot closer to the middle or center of the circle on that slice. Once you have identified each primary food, connect the dots and soon you’ll have a clear visual of where the imbalances are. This is a great exercise to complete once a month or even once per week so that you can see what needs attention, what kind of support you’ll need in order to achieve more balance, what may be in the way and figure out how to overcome those obstacles.

The circle of life offers the opportunity for self-inquiry, which can bring a great deal of insight when you ask yourself questions like: What brings me joy in life? What do I love doing the most? What will life be like if I felt vibrantly healthy? For instance, if career is in question you can further identifying the type of career path you’d like to embark in 2014, one that is in alignment with your passions or your life’s mission/purpose. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get up in the morning and look forward to doing what you love and loving what you do? As you can see you can take your time with each slice in the circle of life and exercise self-inquiry. Keep a journal of what comes through each time you do your circle of life and create some action steps that you can realistically follow through. Here’s wishing you the most amazing, fulfilling, and vibrantly healthy New Year ever! I invite you to join me on ‘Vitality with Val’ every Saturday morning at 11 a.m. – Streaming Live at Val Alarcon is a certified Health Coach and Nutritionist, AADP, you can learn more about her services at